A Day In The Life of a REALTOR®

A Day in the life of a Realtor (from a spouses perspective)

When we first explored the business of selling real estate, it appeared that it offered freedom in schedule and the prospect of financial reward for providing excellent service. Owning your own business, not reporting to the “man”, and setting your own schedule seemed the American dream personified. With a modest initial investment to get the education, find a broker, outfit the office, buy supplies, upgrade wardrobe, and of course to buy some new shoes, it was all worth it because this was the avenue to spending less time working and more time enjoying life. My O’ my this was going to be wonderful.

After interviewing what seemed to be 100 brokerages and hearing how “this is the place for you” 99 times, she makes a decision based on “personality” and “feel”. We are off to the races.

The day starts off at 05:30 am with checking email, Facebook, twitter, and new MLS listings. You can then get a cup of coffee. That is shortly followed by the couple of follow up emails that must be sent. Jump in the shower, then makeup, hair, and of course changing your outfit at least three times just to coordinate your mood with your color of the day. You get the new lead from Zillow only to find that so did 10 other realtors in the area but you shoot out the contact with your bio and introduction materials. After a flurry of emails and getting an idea of what the client is looking for, you proceed to set up several showings for houses that don’t meet any of the requirements the client just told you to search for but they want to see anyway. Jump in the car and head to the gas station where you will fill up for the 4th time that week while wondering why you just don’t take your husbands car on the days yours is empty, but that would mean having to transfer the signs, boxes, printed materials, office supplies, gum, and scented spray to his car. (That is just too exhausting.)

You meet the new client at the first showing. Have to call central showing to get the correct lock code because the one they sent you the first time didn’t work, but on into the house. There will be a lot of questions that are answered in the listing but you will answer them anyway. Beat off the dog that the owner left loose in the house hoping that you don’t get bit again and it’s on to the next, and the next, and the next all while returning phone calls while driving. None of the listings you visited met the client’s needs. You think you will stop at the next store to pee but that has to wait because you just can’t take the phone call that comes in sitting on the toilet. (They might hear you tinkle or worse, plop.) After a day of running, you stop by the office to print out the next series of listings, check email, Facebook, and Twitter. Finally, you get home and decide to get a quick bite to eat so you slather some goo (hummus) on a rice cake. The phone rings again and food gets placed by your keyboard only to remain there for the rest of the evening.

Your spouse gets home about 06:30 pm and comes to your office where you are either finishing up a listing, preparing an offer, returning an email, taking a call, sending the counter offer for the fourth time, or watching Ted talks. He asks how your day has been after a quick smooch and you give him that look.(You know that “look”.) You tell him you will be done in a “minute” so off he goes to find something to eat. About 8:30 pm you head into the living room where your husband is sitting playing a game on his phone, cereal bowl next to him, while the news blathers on in the background. You collapse onto the couch and put your feet up in his lap while reminding him that “you don’t have to rub them, just hold them”. There is a brief discussion of the day’s events only to be interrupted by the phone ringing.

At 09:30 pm your husband comes to your office to tell you he is going up to take a shower and you of course let him know you will be right there. At 10:30 pm you make it up to the bedroom to get into the shower. After the shower, there is a quick check of email, Facebook, Twitter and you climb into bed thankful that it is warm and comforting. There will be the question asking if you want to watch the news which you will say yes to but won’t get past the first three minutes because of course you are asleep.

Of course there is a lot I am leaving out and I am sure there are a lot of wonderful things about selling real estate that I left out but I’m pretty sure I have summed it up for the spouses of a Realtor.

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